About Us

After 17 years on Etsy we have moved over to our own website permanently! We have been through a lot as a family and we are so excited you have popped in to learn a little more about us.
I am Wendy Jo and I started working from home 25 years ago making handcrafted items to sell at our local craft fairs. I wanted to be able to stay home with our five kiddos so I was willing to work hard and learn everything I needed to run a successful business. Through the years we have shifted our product line, including not only our own hand-made and custom-designed items but also items that are created by other artisans like us! In 2017, after being on Flea Market Flip, we decided to officially launch Davis Design Market as a family business. We opened a storefront and started offering our furniture line along with our custom farmhouse signs.

We shut down our storefront and went through some changes in our business model a couple of years later, shifting everything to online and streamlining our production so that we could provide more timely processing and a wider variety of products to you!

Our hope is to bring together a beautiful mix of products that will have you coming back for more!

I also started a YouTube channel to share what I have learned with other creators in the hopes that more moms can stay home with their kids like I have been able to do!

We are now coming back into full operational mode and I am BEYOND excited! If you have been wanting a custom sign we are taking orders. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries!

Thanks again for stopping by!